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Embracing LGBTQ+ Pride: A Global Movement

From bustling metropolises to quaint towns, LGBTQ+ pride events have become a beacon of visibility and celebration for the queer community worldwide. 

Originally rooted in political activism, these events have evolved into vibrant displays of unity and acceptance.

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Tracing the Origins

The seeds of LGBTQ+ pride were sown in the aftermath of the Stonewall Riots of June 1969 in New York City, igniting a spark that would fuel the modern-day LGBTQ+ rights movement. What began as localized protests soon blossomed into organized demonstrations across major cities in North America and Europe.

A Rainbow of Celebration

While June holds special significance as Pride Month, cities worldwide host pride events throughout the year. From the colorful extravagance of São Paulo to the spirited marches of Madrid, each celebration reflects the unique cultural tapestry of its host city.

Global Pride Initiatives

Non-profit organizations like InterPride and EuroPride serve as catalysts for pride celebrations globally. InterPride, the visionary behind WorldPride, orchestrates events that transcend borders, fostering connections and solidarity among LGBTQ+ communities worldwide.

The Pride Experience

Attending a pride event is more than just a celebration; it's an immersive journey into the heart and soul of a city's LGBTQ+ community. Whether exploring historic landmarks or soaking up the vibrant atmosphere, pride offers an opportunity to embrace diversity and forge lasting connections.

Navigating the Calendar

This IGLTA-curated pride calendar features over 30 US and international events, providing LGBTQ+ travelers with a roadmap to plan their adventures. Sorted by region and date, it offers a comprehensive overview of pride celebrations, from iconic parades to intimate gatherings.

👉 Explore LGBTQ+ events and find your perfect getaway.

May 20

Vallarta Pride Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

May 22

WeHo Pride 2024 West Hollywood, CA (Find your WeHo getaway)

May 25

Vienna Pride Vienna, Austria

May 30

28th Pride Parade São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil

May 31

Capital Pride Washington, DC
Provincetown Pride, Princetown NJ

June 1

Dyke March West Hollywood, CA (Find your WeHo getaway)
Dallas Pride Dallas, TX
Pride in CLE Cleveland, OH
Utah Pride Festival and Parade Salt Lake City, UT

June 2

WeHo Pride Parade West Hollywood, CA (Find your WeHo getaway)
Albuquerque PrideFest Albuquerque, NM
Pride Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico

June 5

Key West Pride Key West, FL

June 6

June 7

Ibiza Gay Pride Ibiza, Spain
Tel Aviv Pride Tel Aviv, Israel

June 8

Boston Pride for the People Boston, MA
Brooklyn Pride 5K Run/Festival + Mainstage/Parade Brooklyn, NY
Indiana Pride of Color Indianapolis, IN
Munich Gay Pride Munich, Germany
Naples Pride Naples, FL
Sacramento Pride Sacramento, CA

June 9

La Pride, Los Angeles, CA (Find your Los Angeles getaway)

June 14

Bisbee Pride Bisbee AZ (Find your Bisbee getaway)

June 15

Pride Portland Portland, OR
Guadalajara Pride Guadalajara, Mexico
Rome Pride Rome, Italy

June 18

Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite Anaheim, CA (Find your Anaheim getaway)

June 21

Oslo Pride Oslo Norway

June 22

Chicago Pride Chicago, IL
Denver Pride Denver, CO
St Pete Pride St. Petersburg, FL

June 26

Mexico City Gay Pride Mexico City, Mexico

June 28

NYC Pride XXL, New York, NY

June 29

San Francisco Pride San Francisco, CA (Find your San Francisco getaway)
San Antonio Pride San Antonio, TX
Newport Pride Newport, RI
London Pride London, United Kingdom
Paris Pride Paris, France
Dublin LGBTQ Pride Dublin, Ireland

June 30

Seattle Pride Seattle, WA

July 10

San Diego LGBT San Diego, CA (Find your San Diego getaway)

July 27

Berlin Christopher Street Day Berlin, Germany

Aug 1

Montreal LGTBQ Pride Montreal, Canada

Aug 2

Amsterdam Pride Amsterdam Netherlands

👉 Explore LGBTQ+ events and find your perfect getaway.

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