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Unveiling the Magic of WeHo: A LGBTQ+ Guide to West Hollywood, California

Fondly dubbed WeHo, West Hollywood is more than a mere 1.9 square miles; it's a pulsating heartbeat of LGBTQ life nestled in the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area. Think of it as the Castro to San Francisco or Boystown to Chicago — a designated city since 1984, now home to over 36,000 vibrant souls. WeHo proudly stands as one of the nation's most prominent "gayborhoods," weaving a historical tapestry with iconic LGBTQ nightlife and contemporary additions. Daylight Delights in the Queer Oasis Beyond the glittering nightlife along Santa Monica Boulevard, affectionately known as Boys Town, WeHo offers an abundance of daytime culture. The Visit West Hollywood guide spills the tea on attractions and sub-districts. For the culture vultures, the Pacific Design Center (PDC) beckons with vibrant showrooms, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) showcases the west coast's largest art collection, featuring groundbreaking exhibitions. Don't miss the iconi